Well Pumps and Creative Water Conservation Solutions

Highly Recommend!

I was having issues with more rust in my water which caused irrigation issues.
I had heard of H&M Water Solutions when I had screens put on my gutters.
I called Lucas & as luck would have it, Gary was in the area & came out & we discussed what was going on.
It was a Friday.

Monday bright & early, Gary showed up ready to pull my pump & install a new one.
Lucas showed up a while later so I got to meet him instead of just having phone conversations.
Both men were very professional & answered all my questions & calmed all my fears.
As I told them, I didn’t know them from Adam & only had one recommendation.
But the job was done more than satisfactorily & now with a new pump that was placed in a better water flow, I have clean water again.
The price seemed reasonable to me.
I highly recommend them!

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