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Well Pump Service & Installation

Are you encountering issues with your water well pump? Are you contemplating drilling a new well on your property?
We specialize in both repairs and installations of new water systems.**

**We are NOT a well drilling company. We recommend North Star Drilling.

In this region, well depths range from less than 30 feet to over 700 feet, necessitating customized pump installations tailored to each unique circumstance. Our attention to these specifics is fundamental to every successful installation, guaranteeing the longevity and hassle-free operation of your system.

Alongside our proficient pump repair services, we provide superior-quality pumps to ensure a consistent water flow.
Our range of water pumps includes renowned brands such as Grundfos, Franklin, Goulds, and Dab well pumps, and adhere to the most stringent standards, and are meticulously installed by our team of experts.

Well pump service and installation.

Pump House Setups

The optimal configuration of a pump house, pressure tank, and manifold system is meticulously crafted to enhance water distribution efficiency and guarantee flawless functionality across the entire water system.

Our expertise encompasses a range of setups, including in-ground vaults, above-ground structures, installations within wells, and setups inside the house.
By tailoring our approach to suit diverse environments and preferences, we ensure that each system is seamlessly integrated and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, resulting in reliable and hassle-free water supply solutions.

Well House Setups jpg

The pump house provides shelter for the pump and associated equipment, shielding it from weather elements while allowing easy access for maintenance. A well-insulated pressure tank maintains consistent water pressure throughout the system, reducing the strain on the pump and extending its lifespan.

The manifold setup efficiently directs water flow to different areas of the property, facilitating precise control and distribution. Together, these components create a robust infrastructure that maximizes efficiency, reliability, and longevity, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted water supply for all needs.

Water Line & Electrical Line Installation

Ensuring top-tier installation of water and electrical lines for your well is paramount to guaranteeing the dependability, safety, and peak performance of your water system. With precise installation, the risks of disruptions, breakdowns, and potential safety hazards, such as electrical shocks or water contamination, are significantly minimized.

Our adherence to regulations and industry standards not only ensures compliance but also mitigates the likelihood of expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

Opting for our professional installation services offers you invaluable peace of mind, reassured by the knowledge that your well system is meticulously installed to operate efficiently and provide a consistent, safe water supply tailored to your needs.

Additionally, we specialize in hydrant installs, further expanding our comprehensive range of services to meet your water system requirements seamlessly.

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Well Inspections & Well Cleaning/Shocking

Well inspections conducted with a borescope camera offer unparalleled precision and insight into the condition of your well system. By inserting the borescope into the well, inspectors can visually examine the interior components, such as casing, screens, and pipes, without the need for costly and invasive digging.

This advanced technology allows for the detection of issues like corrosion, scaling, or blockages that may impact water quality and system performance. With real-time imaging and detailed documentation, inspectors can provide accurate assessments and recommendations for maintenance or repairs, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your well.

Well Inspection Borescope Camera jpg

Several issues could necessitate cleaning your well. These may include the buildup of sediment or mineral deposits, bacterial contamination, the presence of algae or other organic matter, infiltration of debris or pollutants, or changes in water quality such as odor, discoloration, or taste.

Additionally, if there’s been flooding, nearby construction, or any activity that may compromise the integrity of your well, it’s essential to conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the continued safety and efficiency of your water supply.

To clean/shock a well we use Chlorine applied proportionately to the volume of water in the well. We cycle it through the system, let it sit for 24 hours, and then flush it out.

Cistern Tanks

Cistern tank installation is a crucial step toward securing a reliable and sustainable water supply for residential, commercial, or agricultural use. Whether for rainwater harvesting or well water storage, cistern tanks provide a convenient and efficient means of storing water for various purposes.

The installation process typically involves site preparation, tank placement, plumbing connections, and system integration to ensure seamless operation. Professional installation ensures proper sizing, placement, and adherence to local regulations, maximizing the functionality and longevity of the cistern tank system.

With expert installation, property owners can enjoy the benefits of ample water storage capacity, reduced reliance on external water sources, and enhanced resilience in times of water scarcity or emergencies.

Cistern Tank jpg

Rainwater Harvesting

If you’re grappling with the challenges of a low-yield well, exploring rainwater harvesting could offer an effective solution. This eco-friendly practice enables you to utilize nature’s abundance for a variety of needs, ensuring sustainable resource management.

DNRC’s regulatory framework, detailed in Administrative Rule 36.12.113 (Reservoir Standards), allows for the storage of up to 32,000 gallons of water. This guideline presents a practical option for individuals facing water scarcity issues, enabling them to sustain gardens or irrigate plants and grass.

Rainwater Harvesting jpg

Rainwater harvesting has gained popularity among homeowners for its versatility in tasks such as landscaping, cleaning, bathing, and even potable water use. However, it’s crucial to maintain your rainwater system diligently and ensure water quality meets established standards for intended applications.

The installation of seamless gutters plays a crucial role in efficiently collecting rainwater from your roof, providing a seamless pathway for channeling this valuable resource into your collection system.

By implementing proper installation techniques and adhering to regular maintenance schedules, rainwater harvesting can significantly augment your water supply while fostering environmental stewardship and conservation efforts.

Spring Water

Utilizing spring water offers a natural and sustainable source of fresh water for various purposes. To implement spring water usage effectively, it’s essential to first assess the quality and quantity of the spring water available.

Next, consider installing a proper filtration and purification system to ensure the water meets safety standards for consumption or other uses.

Implementing storage tanks or cisterns/reservoirs can help manage the flow of spring water, providing a reliable supply during dry periods.

Additionally, incorporating efficient distribution systems, such as gravity-fed pipelines or pumps, can facilitate the transportation of spring water to where it’s needed most, whether for drinking, irrigation, or other household needs.

Regular monitoring and maintenance of the spring water system are essential to ensure its continued functionality and safety.

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Irrigation Systems

Large Irrigation System jpg

Are you the proud owner of an expansive irrigation system nestled on your property, yet find yourself in need of expert maintenance for your well or other water supplies?
Look no further!

Our dedicated team stands ready to provide you with the assistance and support you require. With our wealth of experience and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to ensure the seamless operation and optimal performance of your irrigation system, allowing you to reap the full benefits of your agricultural endeavors without worry or hassle.