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Well Pump Service Near Plains MT

Well Pump Service Near Plains MT

Welcome To H&M Water Solutions

Veteran Owned & Operated

We are a veteran-owned and operated well pump service located near Plains MT. Our comprehensive services encompass new installations, repairs, and diagnostic testing for existing well and pump systems. This includes electronic testing, pressure tests, water testing, and all essential repairs to ensure your water system operates flawlessly.

We also specialize in water collection solutions for low-yield wells, we install cistern tanks and manage water flow efficiently. Our expertise extends to rainwater collection systems, featuring gutter installation, filtration systems connected to catchment tanks, and regular water tank cleaning services.

Water solutions and well pump service near Plains MT.

What We Offer In A Nutshell


Explore our wide array of water system services available in Plains MT, featuring comprehensive coverage for all brands with options for emergency and scheduled maintenance. We specialize in top brands such as Grundfos, Franklin, Goulds, and Dab, offering expert solutions for well pumps and associated components.

Whether you require new construction water systems or upgrades for existing ones, including conventional constant pressure setups, we provide complete solutions. Our expertise extends to booster and storage solutions tailored for potable and fire purposes, complemented by guidance and consultation for DIY enthusiasts.

Conveniently located in Thompson Falls, MT, our services are facilitated by a truck-mounted Smeal 3T pump hoist, ensuring efficient and reliable assistance.

I believe the customer should be included and informed, and to that end I provide:

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Pump Installation & Service

Efficient and reliable well pump installation and service, offering comprehensive expertise to optimize water flow, address any issues, and provide ongoing maintenance for uninterrupted and dependable water supply.

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Pump Installation & Service

Efficient and reliable well pump installation and service, offering comprehensive expertise to optimize water flow, address any issues, and provide ongoing maintenance for uninterrupted and dependable water supply.

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Pump House Set Ups

Enhance your water system's efficiency with our tailored pump house & pressure tank solutions. Crafted to optimize water pressure and reliability, our systems seamlessly integrate technology, ensuring a dependable and streamlined water supply for your home or farm.

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Water & Electrical Lines

Ensure a seamless blend of utility and safety with our water and electrical lines installation services, where expert craftsmanship meets efficient infrastructure, guaranteeing reliable performance for your residential or agriculture needs.

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Well Inspection

Elevate your well's performance with our thorough well inspection service, ensuring water quality, system efficiency, and compliance with standards for a reliable and sustainable water source. Our borescope camera makes the process a breeze!

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Rain Water Harvesting

Embark on sustainable water practices with our rainwater collection solutions, designed to harness and store precipitation efficiently, promoting eco-friendly alternatives for irrigation, landscaping, and other non-potable water needs.

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Cistern Tanks

Experience sustainable rainwater conservation with our innovative underground cisterns, discreetly storing rainwater to meet your needs while harmonizing with the environment in a seamless and space-efficient solution.

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Utilizing the natural purity of spring water on your homestead enriches everyday chores with an unmistakable essence of freshness and vigor, enhancing the overall quality of life and nurturing a profound bond with the surrounding landscape.

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Are you needing assistance with the maintenance of your property's irrigation system, particularly concerning your well or other water supplies? Look no further! Our team is here to provide the expertise and support you need.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • New Pump System Installations
  • Pump System Maintenance & Repair
  • Pump House Setups - Vaults-Above Ground-In House
  • Water Line Installation
  • Hydrant Installs
  • Electrical Line Installation
  • Well Inspections
  • Well Cleaning
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Cistern Tanks
  • Rainwater Treatment
  • Springs
  • Agricultural Applications - Irrigation
  • Well Related Frozen Pipes

Yes, we service all existing systems.
We will update them as needed to keep your water system working correctly.

DNRC’s only rule falls under Administrative Rule 36.12.113 (Reservoir Standards) states you can store up to 32,000 gallons of water. This is a good option for folks who have a low producing well but still want to have a garden or have plants/grass they want to water.

Advantages Of Our Water Solutions & Well Pump Service Near Plains MT

Encountering issues with your well pump or considering drilling a new well? We specialize in repairs and installations of water systems, customizing pump setups to suit every depth and need, featuring top brands like Grundfos, Franklin, Goulds, and Dab.

Trust us to handle all your water system needs, from pump house configurations to rainwater collection solutions, ensuring efficient water distribution and a dependable supply. Turn to us for comprehensive well inspections, cleaning, and shocking services, along with expert installations of cistern tanks and rainwater harvesting systems, fostering sustainability and resilience.

Plus, count on our team for expert maintenance of irrigation systems, ensuring optimal performance for your agricultural endeavors.

Quality Work

Lucas and Gary are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about performing quality work. Gary was willing and able to explain every step of the process. By the time the work was done, I not only had a working well, but a full understanding of my system.

Brandon Smith

Highly Recommend!

I was having issues with more rust in my water which caused irrigation issues.
I had heard of H&M Water Solutions when I had screens put on my gutters.
I called Lucas & as luck would have it, Gary was in the area & came out & we discussed what was going on.
It was a Friday.

Monday bright & early, Gary showed up ready to pull my pump & install a new one.
Lucas showed up a while later so I got to meet him instead of just having phone conversations.
Both men were very professional & answered all my questions & calmed all my fears.
As I told them, I didn’t know them from Adam & only had one recommendation.
But the job was done more than satisfactorily & now with a new pump that was placed in a better water flow, I have clean water again.
The price seemed reasonable to me.
I highly recommend them!


Prompt & Helpful

Tried calling multiple people to install our pump and no calls back. We found H&M Water Solutions and they responded and were very helpful and prompt! Definitely recommend them.
Thanks Lucas

Kurt Kleppe

Great Job!

This is a great company! They showed up when they said they would and did a great job! I would recommend this company to anyone needing well work done.

Leeroy Vancampen

Competent & Professional

Very competent and professional business. They aren’t out to gouge you and leave you hanging. They care about doing quality work at a fair price. We couldn’t be happier with the service we got.

Kurt Hixenbaugh Review
Kurt Hixenbaugh

Competent, Efficient, & Fairly Priced

My 40 year old Well pump went out leaving me completely without water. H&M was out that afternoon to assess it and had Gary there with all the right stuff to replace it the next morning. Access was a challenge and the old well line was completely rusted out and broke off. H&M pulled it by hand and had the new well pump up and running correctly that day. These guys are competent, efficient, and fairly priced. I’d recommend them to anyone. Thank you H&M for your fast response and quality work.

C Clark

Very High Standards

H&M did a fantastic job installing the pump on my well. They did it quickly, efficiently, and up to very high standards.
If you need a pump installed anywhere I highly recommend them!

Rowan Thompson

Highly Recommend H&M

Highly recommend H&M! They gave us options for solutions based on what we currently had and really worked with us on what was best for us. They were timely, fit us in as soon as they could, and very professional!

Gabriella Cocco

I Highly Recommend Them

They came out on a weekend on an incredibly hot summer day in my irrigation system was not working properly they got it fixed and started. And I was able to get the fields watered that our cattle eat in. The person who came out was very friendly polite and knowledgeable, and everyone has been great, period! I highly recommend them and plan on using them to maintain my irrigation system.

Kathye Hammes Ciraolo

Highly Recommend

I couldn’t get my water pump to work at my property. Lucas was able to schedule me right away and Gary was able to get me up and running. I had them update my system with a new submersible pump and I could not be more satisfied. They stayed within their price quote even though it ended up being more involved than anticipated. I was so pleased with their work that I had them do a second property for me. I highly recommend them!

Rich Underwood

Professional & Prompt

Professional prompt service. Found the problem and fixed it! I will call them again.

Jim Stralser

Above & Beyond

Amazing!!!! Super helpful and knowledgeable. Above and beyond my expectations.

Jolynn Hanson

Absolutely Amazing

Our experience with H & M was absolutely amazing! They were professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, followed through with every aspect of the job. Their price quote was exactly as stated and communication was exceptional each step of the process, they went overboard to make sure we were happy with the job! We can’t say enough positive about this company….will definitely have them back!

BD Kenyon

Super Polite & Patient

This was the first winter we had frozen pipes in our home. I was referred to H&M Water Solutions from a friend. I have yet to experience anything with them in person, but if it’s anything like what I experienced over the phone consider me a satisfied customer! Lucas was super polite and patient with me every time I called him. If he didn’t answer when I called he was always sure to call me back when he was able to. He took time out of what he was doing to answer my questions and let me pick his brain when trying to figure out how to troubleshoot our frozen plumbing. I know his company specializes in well pumps and irrigation, but he said he would help us fix our indoor plumbing if we needed it. Thank you so much Lucas for being so awesome!

Courtney Roggenkamp

Great Response Time

Very happy with this service! The weather was bitterly cold, and they showed up, smiling and ready to work! Response time was excellent- look forward to working with H&M again in the future! Thank you!

Ashley Hathorne

We are serving the Sanders, Mineral, and Missoula Counties and beyond.

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